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Hello! my name is Alex, I'm a fully trained and Professional Counsellor based in Slough, Berkshire - welcome to

I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). That's what MBACP after my name represents and means that my qualifications have been checked and verified by that professional body. It also means that I adhere to their ethics and standards.

I have been Counselling for around 18 years. During that time I have worked with all sorts of people and problems, from things that feel so small that it's difficult to work out why you're so unhappy, to major catastrophes like the Paddington Rail Crash. Examples of these include depression, relationship and family problems, bereavement, abuse, addictions, stress, AIDS/HIV, anger management, anxiety, self esteem and work related issues.

I believe that the counselling relationship is a balance of knowledge, you know everything about you, and I've accompanied others through pain and fear many times, developing understanding, experiencing discovery and through this, change. Together we have all the information and tools that we need to start our journey, find out what makes you unhappy, and make the changes you want and need to feel better.

It's all about you feeling safe and secure enough to explore your inner world.

Our sessions together are completely confidential.

Finding the right Counsellor is important and a very personal decision - do it with care......

Contact me

Email or telephone me on 01753 733600.

Once we have decided that you would like to come for an initial session, we agree an appointment time. You may well be nervous about our first session together, that's a natural feeling.

Remember, as your counsellor, I am on your side, to value, and respect you and what you want to say.

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